With the popularity of social networking sites and the internet you can find Sollie many places. It's great to be facebook friends and subscribe to his rss feed but its much more personal to chat in person. When you feel like seeing him in real life for coffee don't be afraid to dial the digits.

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//The Brand//

SollieDesign was started in 2007 during Sollie's freshman year of college. He decided that to pay for life's expenses he needed to start charging for his design skills (you look a little more legit with a logo and a business card). There have been many stages of the logo, business card and website before we arrived here. If you would like to know more about him you can view his Resume.


//Past Workplace//

The workplace he shared with 26 other lovely folks. The agency develops websites, videos, print material etc. for clients including Shure, Medtronic, Toro, Mayo Clinic and more. View their website at


//Past Fun//

Pepper Magazine is a student organization, blog and bi-annually printed magazine at UW-Stout. Jesse Lindhorst and Jonathan Sollie started the project in 2010. They worked with students to let their voices, opinions and creativity be heard. Sollie was the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and blog for the first two years then passed it on to other promising talent. Check out Pepper at


//Current Openings//

Design Position:
Looking for full time job as a graphic or interactive designer.

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